Children, I would like to talk to you today about Hate Anons.

Now, see, there are these ugly little things crawling around Tumblr that rear their heads when they see someone at a low or at a high or, heck, even on just a normal day. They click on “ASK” and select the anonymous option and then type some words in there along the lines of “go kill yourself” or “you’re ugly” and sometimes “you suck at your character” or “no one likes you.” Of course, it’s usually with very bad grammar and spelling, because I’ve imagined they’re either trying to cover up their tracks or they’re all twelve year olds discovering the internet and trying to be cool. They’re also probably very sad or angry about their own problems that they take it out on others.

The only known prevention of Hate Anons is to turn off allowing anons on your blog, or to ignore them when they blemish your inbox. But really, we shouldn’t have to try and prevent it. It just shouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, it does.

I see hate on my dash at least twice a day. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel to other people. I would quote Mean Girls (the part about the cake) but now isn’t the time.

If you get hate, do ignore it. Don’t let the coward behind that grey face get to you. Don’t let them have the satisfaction. Reply if you want to and call them out on how they’ve got a problem and need to talk it over with someone, or tell them how fabulous you are and “haters gonna hate/haters to the left.”

Hate anons are evil, and need to stop.

If you’re one of those sad little creatures doing this to people, and you’re reading this right now, I hope you know that you have an army that will rise against you. And just remember… sometimes you might forget to click “anon” and your name may just leak. Some people are really good at tracking IPs and you will be found.

Now, just a quick note on if a hate anon is found… don’t stoop to their level. Hit them with kindness, because that’s the last thing they’re going to expect or want. They might be searching for a fight, but don’t give in to it. Just say, “Hey, I’m sorry you’re so upset that you had to send my friend that awful message about how they should kill themselves, but I’m here if you want to talk. I don’t like you, but I’ll talk.” Or whatever else you might want to say. Just don’t be them.

My inbox is always open to anons. If you have a problem, I am always willing to listen. If it will stop you from lashing out at others, come to me and start venting. I love being able to help people. If you get a hate anon and it’s upsetting you, come to me and I’ll talk to you, too.

Don’t be a hate anon, and don’t give into the crap they spew.

— Kristen

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