… characters, that is.

Our group is in need of the following characters. This list will be added to and edited as needed as time goes on. If you would like to join, please speak to the people listed at the bottom of this post. 

This list will be added to and edited as people join the group and as we find more characters we’d like to have join, so check back often!

You can be an existing RP blog of the character or create one.

if you want to apply for Yolena.

if you want to apply for Barney.

if you want to apply for General Ross, Samuel Sterns or Glenn Talbot. 

if you want to apply for Nanna, Syn, Lofyn, Var or Snotra.

if you want to apply for Sif or Loridi.

if you want to apply for Henry Pym, T’Challa or anyone else.

If you can think of any other characters in the Avengers that are not listed here and would like to apply for them, please feel free to suggest them — and speak to Thor (me) who will then talk with the team. These are just the current list of people we’re looking for to be our on our main RP team. We’ll get you caught up on what’s happened and you’ll be included in the team chats for future events.

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