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imagine your icon pulling up their blanket and accidentally punching themself in the face

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Constellation Mug
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It was an oddly quiet day in the Fosterson house, and that bothered Thor.

Not that the quiet was bad it was just strange for the house to be that quiet. Of course, Thanner was at school, the dogs were calm and content and even the cat wasn’t running around knocking things over. He could hear Jane in her office, where the older dog was, and down here with him the baby was happily (and quietly) playing with her toys.

That was the odd thing. She was usually the loudest being in the house, and that said a lot considering Thor lived there too. Brynhildr was making silent noises with her mouth, laying on her stomach and staring intensely at the things in front of her. Why was she so quiet? Was something wrong with her? Was she thinking? Plotting? He got up from the recliner and slowly walked to her, peeking over the play-pen she was in. The baby looked up at him.

"Are you alright?" he asked, not expecting an answer besides maybe a confused baby face or a smile and some noises. Instead all she did was look focused and tried to mouth something. Was something stuck in her mouth? He reached down and opened her mouth, searching for any small objects she may have tried to eat and was given a sharp bite from her one fully grown tooth. "Ow! You little bilgesnipe…" The baby smiled and went back to her important baby business.

"Jane?" he called up the stairs. "Come down here. I think something is the matter with Brynhildr…" He walked back toward the baby pen, arms crossed, and waited. The baby seemed fine. No choking, no odd colors, she smelled fine. Bryn looked up again and sat up, turning to watch for Jane too. Something was wrong, and maybe her own mother could figure it out. Or maybe she was just quiet and content like the dogs, now that Jane was back at home more often these days, and her wild side was gone and no longer needed to get her attention. Thor did the same thing.

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She took his hand and stood stiffly, brushing her whitening hair back from her face in a rare display of  unease. “I hardly broke in. The door is automatic, you know, and slid open when I approached. I may have fibbed just a little to get past the public areas, but then, I had do in a way.” She realized she hadn’t let go of his hand and dropped it suddenly, realizing that for a mature woman of 64, she was being an awfully big idiot.

"My name is Doctor Arwen Einarsson. I’m an academic, a scholar, and I specialize in the ancient Norse. Lifestyle, legends, myths, gods. And then suddenly there you were, and the legends all need re-examined. And so many of colleagues are all a-twitter and have no idea what to do, so I decided what was needed was for someone with half a brain to come over here and ask you.” She stopped and took a breath, aware that she must seem terribly presumptuous to him, and also quite stupid.

After all, she did break in, no matter what she said, and suddenly gave him all these words he likely had no context for, and well, he was royalty for all he probably wasn’t really a god.

Thor chuckled, very impressed. Old people. What strange and wonderful former younger people they were.

"Although I would rather we all obey the law, I must applaud you for your efforts, Doctor Einarsson," he leaned in slightly, and lowered his voice. "I did quite a bit of illegal stunts in my early days on Midgard, so I will let this slide and keep you safe from Stark’s guards."

He offered his arm for her to take and faced the door out into the lobby. “Shall we? I happen to have a free schedule today — my wife has the children, the city is safe and I am not needed anywhere, so I am all yours. I will do my best to answer your questions. I have a floor here at the Tower still that we can speak on, away from the crowd and cameras.”

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-nodding she followed him into the house- Right. Okay… Coffee would be nice if you have any. -smirks- Oh, no I run all year round. It’s just a thing. I’m fine.

Well, if your runs take you anywhere near here again, know you are always welcome to pop in if it gets too cold out for your liking — or warm, when summer decides to finally arrive. -in the Fosterson house, there seemed to always be a pot of coffee ready (a god who just loved it, and a workaholic scientist needed all they could get) and he poured Kate a cup and passed it off to her-

I do not believe I have officially welcomed you onto the team, Lady Kate. -he bows his head- Welcome to the Avengers. May the role of the sassy archer never be empty.

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Magic is just science we don’t understand yet!

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askjanethescientist said:
[text] Being a tourist is fun. I love traveling and -- [text] Fine. Deal.

[text] Excellent. See you in fifteen, love.

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[text] Perfect. Better get the cape out. Shorts and cape. I like this idea.

[text] Jane that is an awful combination.

[text] Maybe on a child that is fine, but I am a grown, large man.

[text] I will look like a tourist.

[text] You do not get both the cape AND the shorts. You get one or the other, and you are coming home for shorts, so shorts it shall be.

[text] Of course, YOU could wear the cape. Only the cape.

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