The way I do drafts:
or: *drafts sit there for weeks while I cry because i have no inspiration*
theres no between
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Chocolate Solar System

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Anonymous said:
Since Loki has more fangirls than the you, you might say he stole your thunder

I have to reply OOC to this one.

I am pretty darn sure Thor has more fans, the Loki ones are just louder. There was a poll I remember being talked about that said why people were going to see Thor 2, and a majority of it was people saying they were going for the character THOR, not Loki.



Nice try, though.

— Kristen

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Anonymous said:
You're a bit high strung. you need to be a bit more Low-key

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What do you do for fun on Asgard since there isn't internet or TV? Sounds boring, yo.

You are aware there were ways to have fun before those things were invented, right?

We are not a primitive realm, and our technology may not be the same as yours, but it is far more advanced. We have plays, and events and sparring in the arena. Children have a variety of toys to play with, and there is horseback riding, too, for all ages. The library has a great selection if you prefer that. The market has several shops and it is always busy on fair weather days. We have feasts almost every week, too, which are full to the brim with fun and games.

We have many ways to entertain ourselves on Asgard.

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Anonymous said:
What were your kids like as babies?


Oh, they were darling, of course.

Thrud, perhaps, was the most difficult of them. For as much as I spoiled my boys, as soon as she was born, I took it to a new level and she was well aware of everything she could get away with.

Magni was shy at first, I remember, being in a new realm away from his mother but Modi did his best to make his little brother welcome.

And Loridi and Ullr were raised more by Sif than myself, and I was oft at war when they were growing up, unfortunately.

Thanner is still a child, and he is very bright and curious, as all children are. I am hoping Brynhildr does not continue to be violent into childhood and will settle down some like her brothers and sister did when they were older.

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I would never get tired of waking up to your face or kissing you on the lips everyday.

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